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wait for summer
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Sorry that I disappeared for basically half a year. What year is it again?
I've been really busy with high school and then next year I'll be at Community College because of this program for a year and then I'll be at Uni then maybe go to Portland but not for a while. As in graduate school while.

I've been actually drawing for these 6 months. And still writing. Currently Vice President of my school's Writing/Literature Club and I'm in AP Studio Art and two other AP classes which I've been swamped with work from, so that's why I haven't been on anything but tumblr. I'll probably post art on here, but be less contactable until summer or maybe later. I've improved a lot in art over these 6 months due to the huge amount of art homework I get and the amount of portfolios I have to do. I have to somehow wrench out 24 pieces this year and also keep up with work. So far I have 14 finished and the deadline is in 3 weeks so I'm f*cked super deep right now it's bad.

I'll probably reward myself with other things and focus on Exams and applications and lots of fun stuff over the next month or two.

I hope my watchers are still alive and healthy on this site and doing well. See you soon. 

MiwaNee by XII-Ri
Miwa from Barakamon. (That's what the Japanese hiragana says on the side btw)
Trying to test out a new painting style. One that I really like and it's super fun and doesn't take too long!! No lineart! WOO
Ahh, I really like Miwa's design. Fallen in love~
I'm suddenly unsure.
I'm not very active on dA. Though I want to be...
And I want to post my work... but I don't know if posting on dA will help me improve or if I'm too disappointed with myself to post the results.
I dont know whether I should leave dA and switch to tumblr full time.
Or keep my dA and post works semi-regularly.
The struggle.
It's summer now and before I start, I will be leaving the group Spirit Fish do to my inactivity over the past few months.
I may leave other groups. (Maybe) But will still be available to RP for them since I still have my character, heheh.

But... I will be drawing more since it's summer and I'm incredibly bored. 

Expect more complicated works from me that may or may not be traditional.


XII-Ri's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello, my name is Ri, but feel free to call me anything else. I hope I am not a bother to you. I really enjoy reading any comments you guys send me and it honestly makes my day a little bit better. I enjoy talking with you all and I hope that you don't feel scared to talk to me.

FAQ (If you are scared to ask me)

Why do you call yourself C. Ri? Is that a pen name or your real one?

"C" is my last name initial and Ri is my first name(albeit a pun of it). "C. Ri" is just using the Japanese order of Last Name-First Name. It's also how "XII-Ri" should be pronounced. If I hear "Twelve Ri" or "Twelve Rye" I get a bit irritated. :iconorekiahhplz:

What do you use to draw?

I use the program Paint Tool SAI and I use Photoshop if I can, but I'm horrible at it! I have an Intuos5 touch Medium that I use, though I draw traditionally as well. I don't post those drawings often, however.
I have a tumblr that I plan on posting these sketches however.

How long have you been drawing?

I've been drawing since I was 4, and I started doing a more manga-esque style since I was in first grade, (5-6 yrs old) though it was mainly drawing Pokemon. My artstyle changes really quickly and I'm always mad at my art after seeing it a few weeks later. I improve really quickly and I am an artstyle mimic so my style is always a mix of things I was into at the time.

How long have you been drawing digitally?

I have only been drawing digitally with the Intuos since December 24, 2012 so I have very little tablet experience. It is my first tablet.

How old are you?

I am 16 years old.

Are you a boy or a girl?

I get this question quite a lot. Though the answer should be quite obvious (or not) after a long conversation with me, personally, I don't think it matters, but I know a lot of people who think I am one or the other so I just play it safe and keep myself anonymous. I don't like disappointing people. Though, many people refer to me as a male/use male pronouns when referring to me. I also prefer it to be this way, but I really won't correct you if you use female pronouns towards me.

Can we be friends?

Of course, I always like making friends on here and I like talking. I'm pretty shy and boring though so I wonder why you would want to be friends with me. Don't listen to the people who call me cool. Shh, it's all lies. :iconsryyea:

Heads up to anyone who is unfamiliar with the way I communicate. I pepper my usual formal speech with vulgarity to express myself sometimes. I never do this when being serious or professional however. Compare me to Kankri or Karkat and I will love you forever because woo GO CANCERS! :iconsuperw00tplz:

Can you draw something for me? Do you do commissions? Requests?

Yes, I am now accepting requests and soon I will open up for commissions. Although if you are close to me, I'll do it for free, no charge, and I will be honoured to draw something for you!



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